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Starting a Broker/Dealer

Establishing a new broker/dealer is the first step towards becoming an active participant in the securities industry. The registration process, however, can be complex, confusing and a time sensitive task. As former NASD examiners, we specialize in the New Membership Application process and have assisted numerous firms gain membership with the NASD. We will personally guide you through the entire process, step-by-step, and ensure that your application is handled in an expedient and professional manner.

Our Full-Service broker/dealer registration package includes the following:
  • Prepare and file Broker/Dealer registration and individual registration applications with the NASD, SEC, MSRB, and appropriate states.
  • Provide Supervisory Procedures designed to protect the firm and satisfy NASD requirements.
  • Completion of SEC Rule 15c3-1 Net Capital Computation with all appropriate supporting documentation.
  • Financial Statement and Accounting System Review such as general ledger, trial balance, subsidiary legers, supporting schedules, bank statements and reconciliation.
  • The NASD requires an analysis of the experience, disciplinary history, and continuing responsibilities of your supervisory personnel.
  • We can provide you with a continuing education need analysis and training plan. We also assist in the implementation and documentation of the training plan.
  • Analyze your firm's record keeping system as required by the NASD.
  • Prepare and review additional requirements such as fidelity bond analysis, clearing arrangements, execution of securities transactions, organization chart, description of facilities, etc.
  • Accompany you to the NASD Pre-Membership Interview.
  • We will compile and prepare all the required documentation for the New Membership Application in a professional portfolio and submit it to the NASD. Additionally, we will quickly respond to any request from the NASD for additional information or clarification of material submitted.
  • We are convinced that InvestmentCare Consulting Group is the most efficient and cost effective solution to your New Membership Application needs. For more information regarding our New Membership Application services, please contact us at 818-386-6900.

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