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Continuing Education

Stay current with NASD required educational training. Depending on your specific needs, we can personally guide you through the CE process; provide you with a do-it-yourself program designed specifically to meet the needs of your firm, or provide guidance on an "as needed" basis.

Our CE program includes:
  • Needs Analysis: Conduct a needs analysis to determine areas of improvement.
  • Training Plan: Develop a written training plan to address those needs.
  • Implementation: Properly implement training methods in accordance with training plan
  • Documentation: Document training and implementation methods and record all results
  • Evaluation: Evaluate results and track progress of training methods.
  • Re-Focus: Focus on continuing areas of improvement for a new needs analysis.
  • We will provide your firm with a CE program that is easy to implement and document. For more information regarding our Continuing Education program, please contact us at 818-386-6900.

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